Your Support Provides Life-Saving Connections

March was a turning point for everyone, especially the vulnerable and elderly. Our clients realized that life as they knew it was on hold. For some, instead of the Sunday visit from family or weekly coffee with friends, the doors to the outside slammed shut. For others, the world of isolation was far too familiar. Getting out, even for essentials, was impossible.

Edmonton Meals on Wheels was a saviour for many. Meal, pet food, hamper and grocery delivery continued. Services ramped up to meet the need of the community. Even from a distance or through a closed-door, our volunteer drivers still ensured clients were safe and their stomachs were full. Our frequent phone calls brightened the days. The greeting cards and messages sent brought a smile. The delivery of toilet tissue brought tears when there was none to buy. Activity books and essential toiletries were a godsend. 

We know that during this unprecedented time, many still struggle mentally as the impact of social isolation and lack of social contact wears on. Your donation today ensures we can continue to deliver not only nutritious meals but valuable volunteer connections. No person is forgotten.

Lisa is an 89-year old client who lives in a senior’s apartment, uses a walker and is unable to leave her suite without someone to help. Her doctor said that the risk of falling is too great to go out alone. She hasn’t been able to leave her suite since the pandemic hit. 

Lisa was overjoyed when she received a teddy bear and flowers along with the special Mother’s Day meal. She called us a few days afterwards in tears. “I can’t even talk right now because I’m so emotional. Thank you for the beautiful gift that you sent. You know, I feel so lonely and isolated here,” she told us sorrowfully.

Lisa explained that she put her new teddy bear that she named Joey on her walker and said, “I’ll take you everywhere and take care of you.” We called Lisa a few weeks later to see how she was coping. She proudly told us that she had placed a pink bear next to Joey so that he had a friend! Despite the pandemic, Lisa remains optimistic. “I just try to keep some routine,” she says, “and it is nice to know that there are people like you looking out for me. I am so grateful for Meals on Wheels and my volunteers.”

People like you know the difference Meals on Wheels makes. People like you understand the positive impact our volunteers have on the lives of others. People like you appreciate that the meals we lovingly prepare and deliver are connectors. People helping people while nourishing the body and soul. 

Your donation during this challenging time is even more critical. We are all coping with the new reality of living through this pandemic. Today, I ask for your continued support to help provide life-saving food and connections to your homebound and elderly neighbours. By donating to Edmonton Meals on Wheels, you’re helping people like Lisa cope through this challenging time. 

PS: Your donation will stay right here in your community – helping feed the body and soul of some of Edmonton’s most vulnerable citizens. 

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