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The impact of Fresh Meal Delivery from Edmonton Meals on Wheels extends far beyond a delicious and nutritious experience. It can also be a lifeline, a daily assurance that someone cares, and a meaningful connection for those we serve. For seniors and individuals who are house-bound, our Fresh Meal Delivery service provides nourishing, Red Seal chef-crafted meals prepared with fresh ingredients and delivered by our screened volunteers.

This connection delivers more than a meal; it shows our clients that the community cares. It’s about combating isolation, brightening days, and fostering a sense of belonging. The meaningful impact is measured in smiles, gratitude and the knowledge that, with every fresh meal delivered, we are making a difference in the lives of those who need it most. Edmonton Meals on Wheels transforms the act of delivering food into a powerful tool for community support and well-being.

Prepared Meal Delivery for Seniors

Experience the convenience and care of our Fresh Prepared Meal Delivery, perfect for seniors seeking to maintain their independence in their own homes. At Edmonton Meals on Wheels, we understand the unique needs of our senior community members. Our meals can be tailored to specific dietary requirements, including texture modifications such as minced or pureed foods, and each month’s menu provides a great variety of dishes to keep mealtime interesting and enjoyable for our daily meal clients. Our dedicated volunteers take the opportunity when delivering daily meals to also check in on our clients, offering a warm greeting and ensuring their well-being. It’s one more way that we can bring peace of mind to our clients, caregivers and loved ones.

Edmonton Food Delivery

Edmonton Meals on Wheels brings the best of local flavours to your door. Our menu is thoughtfully curated to offer a diverse range of culinary delights, ensuring that every meal feels like a treat. Experience the joy of convenient and nutritious eating without compromising on taste or quality. From comforting classics to exciting culinary adventures, our pre-selected menu caters to a variety of tastes and dietary restrictions. Rediscover the pleasure of freshly prepared meals delivered right to your door, adding a dash of local goodness to your daily dining experience.

Fresh Meal Packages

Our Fresh Meal Packages are thoughtfully curated with a pre-planned menu that changes each month and features a diverse range of flavours and nutrition. Substitutions are only available to those with certain diet or texture requirements. Offering a set menu allows us to streamline costs by planning in advance and ensure our fresh meal packages are an accessible and dependable solution for those seeking convenient, nutritious meals at an affordable price.

1 Meal Package

Ideal for those seeking a single prepared meal, making for a delicious and nutritious dinner or primary meal each day. This meal package comes with soup to start, a protein entree with veggies and a starch, a fresh fruit or vegetable, and a dessert. All for only $12 a day per person!

2 Meal Package

If you’re looking for multiple prepared meals each day, this is the choice for you. This package comes with soup to start, a protein entree with veggies and a starch, a fresh fruit or vegetable, a snack, a sandwich or protein salad, and a dessert. Only $14.50 per day per person.


A delightful array of lunch options to brighten your midday break. A daily lunch package comes with soup, a sandwich, fresh fruit or veggie, plus dessert! Only $8 a day per person.


Start your day right with our wholesome and satisfying breakfast choices. Enjoy cereal, milk, juice or fruit, plus a snack for only $3 extra when added to an existing meal package.

Providing Fresh Meals to Those Who Need It

Are you a senior or someone with specific dietary needs seeking personalized and thoughtful meal options? Our prepared meal delivery service prioritizes your well-being with tailored meals.

Are you navigating the whirlwind of parenthood and finding it challenging to prepare nutritious meals while caring for your little ones? Our convenient daily food deliveries can save you time and keep you nourished as you settle into your family’s new routine.

If you or someone you love is living with reduced mobility, you know how challenging daily tasks can be. Our prepared meal delivery offers a reliable and accessible solution to ensuring proper nutrition without the worry.

The transition home after a hospital stay can be challenging, requiring attention to both physical and nutritional needs. Having your meals delivered daily by Edmonton Meals on Wheels helps reduce stress around meal planning and preparation as you recover.

Discover the convenience of Edmonton Meals on Wheels’ affordable and nutritious daily prepared meal delivery now! Meals on Wheels.