About Edmonton
Meals on Wheels

Fresh. Connected. Delivered

Here at Edmonton Meals on Wheels, we do far more than deliver meals – we create connections, foster community, and have a meaningful impact in the lives of those we serve. As a local registered charity, our journey began on April 21, 1969, with a simple yet powerful mission: to provide home-delivered meals and food services to a diverse mix of people in Edmonton.

Our story is one of continuous growth and evolution to better meet the changing needs and demographics of our beloved city. Since 1988, we’ve operated our own food production and distribution centre, hired professional kitchen staff, and maintained a commitment to quality customer service, excellent meals, and innovative community engagement. Beyond the delicious dishes, our success lies in our ability to think creatively, forge partnerships, host engaging events, and offer a variety of volunteer opportunities that make everyone feel welcome and involved.

Who We Serve

At Edmonton Meals on Wheels, our service is open to anyone facing a barrier to preparing nutritious meals. Whether you’re a senior, house-bound individual, someone with special dietary needs, a busy professional, a family juggling responsibilities, a student navigating academics, a new parent seeking convenience, or anyone else needing help with healthy meal planning, we are here for you. Our diverse and inclusive approach ensures that our services cater to the unique needs of each individual, building a community that thrives on mutual care and support.

Social Connection

We deliver more than a healthy meal to many of our clients. The daily visits from our dedicated volunteers become cherished moments of connection, breaking social isolation and building trusting relationships. Whether it’s a shared story, a friendly chat, or those “little extras” that make a difference, we understand the importance of community, friendship, and the impact of genuine care.

Join us in our mission to provide more than just meals. Let’s build a community where everyone feels seen, valued, and nourished. Thank you for being a part of Edmonton Meals on Wheels!