Our Frequently
Asked Questions

We’re here to answer any questions you have about Edmonton Meals on Wheels

We get a lot of questions about how Edmonton Meals on Wheels works, who can access Meals on Wheels, if Meals on Wheels is healthy, and more! Here are the top questions we’re asked — with our answers! If you have a burning question that isn’t answered here, send us a message. We’d be happy to help you with any questions you may have.

While we consider our frozen meals and fresh daily meal delivery plans incredibly affordable, Meals on Wheels does not offer free meals except through special subsidy programs such as our Going Home program. The small fee you pay to access Meals on Wheels’ meals allows us to recover costs and ensures the quality and safety of our food!

For our Fresh Daily Meal Delivery, we require an initial minimum commitment of 5 meals within a two-week period. After that, Fresh daily meals are offered as a scheduled subscription service and you can decide how many days per week will suit your needs. (for example, meals delivered Monday, Wednesday and Friday).

For frozen meal delivery, we require a minimum order value of $25. If you’re picking up your frozen meal order, there is no minimum order.

Meals on Wheels is for anyone who faces barriers to accessing nutritious meals. If you or a loved one has limitations and needs easier access to well-balanced meals, Edmonton Meals on Wheels is here for you!

Meals on Wheels is incredibly affordable; the average cost of one of our frozen meals is around $7 per meal, and with our Fresh Daily Meal Delivery you can enjoy three meals a day for only $17.50! And there’s no additional delivery fee thanks to our dedicated volunteer drivers who deliver our meals throughout the city each weekday.

Meals on Wheels plans are incredibly healthy! Our meals are made with fresh ingredients and offer a well-balanced combination of protein, carbohydrates, and fats following Canada’s Food Guide. If you’re looking for a healthy meal that checks all the nutritional boxes, trust Edmonton Meals on Wheels.

Our Fresh Daily Meal Delivery is delivered chilled, not hot. In order to ensure our food stays at a safe temperature for delivery, we flash chill our meals as soon as they are prepared and deliver them to you in microwave-safe containers for quick and easy reheating.

Yes! Everyone is welcome to order from Edmonton Meals on Wheels. Whether you’re a senior, housebound individual, student, or parent, Meals on Wheels is available to you if you have a barrier to accessing healthy meals. Our frozen meal delivery is a fantastic option for anyone looking to stock their freezer with healthy food as well as support our organization.

We do not deliver on weekends, but if you are a fresh daily meal client and require meals for the weekend, we can add those meals to your Friday delivery. If you are ordering frozen meals for delivery, your order will be delivered on Wednesday or Thursday between 4pm-7pm depending on which area of the city you’re in. See our frozen meal delivery map to find out your delivery day.

If you live close to a boundary line on our map, they please call us if you’re concerned about which day we’ll deliver to you. 

As mentioned earlier, everyone is welcome to order Edmonton Meals on Wheels. There are no qualification requirements to access our meal delivery services. If you have a barrier to accessing healthy meals, you’re welcome to order from Edmonton Meals on Wheels!

For Fresh Daily Meal Delivery service, the easiest way to get started is by completing our online form. Our Client Services team will contact you to review details with you including any dietary restrictions, allergies, portion sizes, texture modifications, delivery instructions and any other information that will help us ensure we can meet your needs.

For frozen meal delivery or pickup, you can order and pay online using our convenient online ordering system. You’ll receive an email or phone call from our Client Services team confirming your order and delivery or pickup date. Orders must be received by noon Friday for delivery the following week.

You can also pick up frozen meals from our downtown location, either by pre-ordering at least two business days in advance or by choosing from the current selection in our onsite merchandiser. Pickup is available Monday-Friday from 8am – 3:30pm.

We offer multiple payment options for your convenience. All frozen meals can be paid for online through our website.

For our Fresh Daily Meal Delivery, we offer credit or debit payments. If you require a different payment method, please speak with our Client Services team about other available options.
To get started with fresh meal delivery, we require a four-week deposit to be placed on your account and held until you choose to terminate services. This deposit helps us ensure a seamless meal delivery experience for you.

Meals can be heated in the microwave. We provide full heating instructions with your meals when they are delivered. Never reheat our meals in a toaster oven.

View our heating instructions. 

We base subsidized meals upon review of your most current Notice of Assessment from Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). This is not your tax return, but the verification your taxes are complete from CRA.

You can complete our brief intake form with information about the person for whom the meals will be prepared. Once you’ve submitted the form online, a member of our Client Services team will contact you to review information, dietary needs, allergies, portion sizes, texture modifications, delivery instructions and any other details that will help us ensure we can meet your person’s needs.

We cannot accommodate specific delivery times. To help us keep our meal prices affordable, we rely on volunteer drivers to deliver our meals. A delivery window of 10:30am-1pm is provided to all clients as our delivery routes and number of meals each volunteer delivers can change daily. If daytime delivery doesn’t fit your schedule, you can order from our frozen menu instead. Frozen meals are delivered Wednesday or Thursday evenings (depending on which area of the city you live in). Or, you can come by our offices to purchase meals on the spot from our frozen meal merchandiser.

Yes! You can pick up frozen meals from our downtown location, either by pre-ordering or stopping in to see what we have in our onsite merchandiser. Or, see our list of towns and organizations currently participating in our Community Freezer program. You can contact them directly to see about purchasing our frozen meals through them.

For our Fresh Daily Meal Delivery, service can begin in as little as two business days after we’ve completed your intake and confirmed all of your details with you.

For frozen meal delivery, our cutoff time is noon on Fridays for delivery the following week. We currently deliver within Edmonton on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 4pm-7pm, as well as Thursday mornings in Sherwood Park.