Join the 6-month corporate volunteer driver challenge!

Get involved in your community and help us feed people in need! We challenge your team to join ours for 6 months and help us deliver meals and connections.

How it Works

  • Your team will be assigned a route that currently lacks a regular driver
  • Deliver meals on this route at least once a month for six months
  • Have a reliable vehicle and minimum of 2 team members per vehicle
  • Coordinate your delivery days with our volunteer driver coordinator

Successful completion of the challenge earns your company a spot on our wall of corporate superstars and a feature on our social media.

Player vs Player Mode

Challenge other departments to join the cause! Earn points for:

  • Number of volunteer days
  • Positive client feedback
  • Successful Deliveries
  • Secret achievements


Hard Mode

Ready for a bigger challenge? Adopt a route for your team’s six-month commitment. Standby to fill in as drivers whenever needed and win a prize! 


Ready to get involved? Click the link below!

Corporate Volunteering and Donation Opportunities

At Edmonton Meals on Wheels, we recognize the invaluable role that corporate partnerships play in enabling us to deliver essential services to our community. Our organization owes much of its success and ability to serve our clients to the generous support of forward-thinking businesses committed to making a positive impact on the lives of those we serve.

Are you interested in helping Edmonton Meals on Wheels provide essential care to those who need it?

Why Partner with Edmonton Meals on Wheels?

Breaking Down Food Security Barriers

By becoming a corporate partner, your business actively demonstrates a commitment to the well-being of the Edmonton community. Your support directly contributes to our mission of delivering nutritious meals to individuals facing challenges in accessing proper nutrition.

Social Responsibility

Corporate partnerships with Edmonton Meals on Wheels go beyond traditional sponsorships. They reflect a corporate culture that prioritizes social responsibility — showcasing to clients, customers, and employees that your company is dedicated to giving back.

Employee Morale and Engagement

Engage your employees in a meaningful way by providing opportunities for them to volunteer in our kitchen or as drivers. Participating in these activities fosters a sense of pride and accomplishment, boosting morale and creating a positive workplace culture.

Team Building

Volunteering together strengthens the bond among your team members. Working side by side in a different context encourages collaboration, communication, and camaraderie, ultimately enhancing the overall dynamics of your workforce.

Brand Visibility

Corporate sponsors receive recognition across our various communication channels, including our website, social media, and event promotions. Aligning your brand with Edmonton Meals on Wheels amplifies your visibility while associating your company with a cause that matters.
How Your Company Can Get Involved
  • Financial Partnership
  • Employee Volunteer Programs
  • Sponsorship Packages
  • 3rd Party Fundraisers
  • In-Kind Contributions

Financial Contributions

Support our mission through direct donations or host fundraisers. Your financial support allows us to continue providing meals to those in need.

Employee Volunteer Programs

Set up employee volunteer days where you and your whole team help us get our weekly meals prepared and delivered! You’ll play a significant role in supporting our daily operations, and at the same time provide your team with a unique and fulfilling experience.

Sponsorship Packages

Explore our customizable sponsorship packages tailored to meet your company’s specific goals and values. From event sponsorships to long-term partnerships, there are various options to showcase your commitment to community well-being.

In-Kind Contributions

We welcome certain goods or services that support our operations. Your in-kind donations help us optimize our resources to better serve the community.

Make a Difference with Edmonton Meals on Wheels

Become a Corporate Partner Today!

By joining with Edmonton Meals on Wheels, your company becomes a vital part of a network dedicated to supporting the well-being of people throughout our city. . . Let’s build a stronger, healthier, and more compassionate community together.

For more information on corporate partnerships and how your company can get involved, please contact us at 780-429-2020.