for Holistic Well-Being

Advocacy for the whole-body
needs of our clients

At Edmonton Meals on Wheels, our commitment goes beyond delivering meals; we are advocates for the nourishment and well-being of our community. Through strategic partnerships with various agencies, we strive to address the holistic needs of our clients and actively work to bridge gaps in services.

Collaborative Partnerships for Client Needs

Our advocacy work involves collaborating with partner agencies to identify and address the unique needs of our clients. During our meal deliveries, we not only provide nutritious food but also an informal wellness check and advocate for additional support where necessary. By working closely with these agencies, we aim to ensure that every aspect of our clients’ well-being is considered and addressed.

“One of our participants was undernourished for a long time. We arranged with Edmonton Meals on Wheels for fresh meal delivery three times a week. Within two months he was well enough to return to school. We plan to support him further with your frozen meals as his budget is still low. The power of a good meal!”

– Sue, Outreach Nurse

Identifying Gaps in Service

We take pride in being a voice for those who may struggle to articulate their needs. Our dedicated team is attentive to the challenges faced by our clients, and through our advocacy efforts, we actively identify gaps in services. If we see a space for support, we’re proud to advocate to government representatives on our clients’ behalf. By shining a light on these gaps, we contribute to the development of more comprehensive and inclusive support systems.

“I feel so lonely and isolated here but it’s nice to know there are people like you looking out for me.”

– Lisa, client

Educating on Food Security

Edmonton Meals on Wheels has worked hard to share our expertise in the realm of food security. We are educators on the critical issue of food security for both government bodies and corporations. We understand that while food banks play a crucial role in supporting those with the capacity to prepare meals, there are individuals in our community who face challenges in this regard. Our advocacy work focuses on raising awareness about the impact of food security on those with limited ability to prepare their own meals or those who struggle with nutritionally balanced diets.

“These meals have helped me so much after my amputation. It’s very hard for me to carry heavy bags of groceries or cook, but Edmonton Meals on Wheels makes it easy for me.”

– Alex

Ensuring Inclusivity in Support

Our advocacy extends to ensuring that individuals who struggle to prepare food aren’t overlooked in the broader conversation about food assistance. We actively engage with the community to foster understanding and empathy, emphasizing the importance of inclusive support for all members, regardless of their abilities.

At Edmonton Meals on Wheels, advocacy is an integral part of our mission. We believe that by championing the well-being of our clients and educating the community, we can create a more compassionate and supportive environment for everyone. Join us in our advocacy journey as we work towards a future where no one is left hungry or unsupported.

“I’m no longer able to cook for myself so I started getting your meals. Edmonton Meals on Wheels has saved my life and allows me to be independent. The food is delicious and very, very affordable.”

– Louise