Going Home Program

Nourishing Your Recovery Journey

Edmonton Meals on Wheels is dedicated to supporting our community, especially during crucial recovery periods. Our Going Home program is a compassionate initiative designed to provide individuals leaving the hospital with peace of mind and nourishing meals during their transition back home. We understand how difficult it can be to prepare healthy meals on a regular basis while trying to recover from an illness or surgery – that’s where we come in!

What is the Going Home Program?

The Going Home program extends a helping hand when individuals find it challenging to access regular, healthy meals following a hospital stay. Recognizing the vital role nutrition plays in the healing process, this program offers two weeks of free meals to support a faster recovery. Our aim is to alleviate the stress of meal preparation, so that individuals and their families can focus on healing in their own homes, reducing the likelihood of readmission to hospital.

How It Works

To be part of the Going Home program, you’ll need a referral from a medical professional who is part of your hospital care team, such as a doctor, occupational therapist or registered dietitian. Once admitted, participants receive two weeks of complimentary meals, providing a crucial bridge to recovery during the post-hospitalization period.

After completing the Going Home program, we encourage all participants to explore our Fresh Meal Delivery or order from our Frozen Meal options. This ensures a continued source of nutritious, convenient meals tailored to your preferences.

Who is the Going Home Program For?

The Going Home program is designed for anyone who has recently been discharged from the hospital and anticipates difficulty accessing regular, healthy meals during their recovery. If you have already been a part of the Going Home program, we ask that you instead reach out about our Fresh Meal Delivery. The Going Home program is only available once per person to ensure that we can manage our resources to help as many individuals as possible.

How to Get Started

1. Download our Information Sheet

Learn more about the Going Home program and its benefits by downloading our information sheet.

2. Consult Your Doctor or Homecare Professional

If you believe you or a loved one may be eligible for the program, talk to your doctor or homecare professional to discuss eligibility and obtain a referral.

3. Submit Referral

Medical professionals must submit a referral directly to Edmonton Meals on Wheels to initiate the process. Referrals must be received within two weeks of discharge from hospital.

Committed to Community Support

Edmonton Meals on Wheels is more than a meal service; we are a community ally committed to the well-being of those we serve. Through the Going Home program, we extend our support to ensure a smoother transition for individuals recovering from a hospital stay. Our goal is to provide comfort, nourishment, and peace of mind during your journey to better health.
Join us in this commitment to community care. Whether you or a loved one requires assistance, Edmonton Meals on Wheels is here to ensure that those who need us have our unwavering support.