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Roasted Chicken with Mushroom Sauce


Indulge in the exquisite flavours of our Oven-Roasted Chicken with Mushroom Sauce. Accompanied by a generous portion of creamy mashed potatoes and a medley of sunrise mixed vegetables, this dish promises to be a culinary journey.

Our tender chicken breast, expertly seasoned and oven-roasted to perfection, is the epitome of succulence. Each bite reveals juicy, flavourful meat, enhanced by the rich and savoury notes of our signature button mushroom sauce. Made with fresh button mushrooms and a blend of aromatic herbs and spices, this sauce adds a depth of flavour that elevates the dish to new heights.

Complimenting the chicken is a velvety bed of creamy mashed potatoes whipped to perfection. Paired with the hearty chicken and flavourful sauce, these mashed potatoes offer a comforting balance of indulgence and satisfaction.

On the side, you’ll find our sunrise mixed vegetables, a vibrant medley of seasonal vegetables bursting with colour and flavour. From crisp yellow and orange carrots to tender green beans, this assortment adds a refreshing and nutritious touch to your plate, ensuring a well-rounded and satisfying meal.

To prepare: Lift film on side dishes. Microwave on high for 2 minutes. Remove from microwave; lift film on chicken. Microwave on high an additional 2 minutes. Remove from microwave. Remove film; stir contents well. Enjoy. (Do not place in oven with plastic cover on).


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