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Pureed Roast Chicken


Introducing our Pureed Roast Chicken entrée, meticulously crafted to provide a nutritious, safe, and enjoyable dining experience for individuals with swallowing difficulties. This comforting dish features tender roast chicken, expertly pureed to a smooth and manageable consistency, ensuring both safety and satisfaction with every bite.

Accompanying the roast chicken are pureed buttered peas and golden potatoes, offering a well-rounded meal that’s both flavourful and comforting. The creamy texture of the golden potatoes pairs perfectly with the savoury richness of the chicken, while the buttery peas add a touch of sweetness and freshness to the dish.

Each serving is portion-controlled to deliver a balanced blend of protein, vegetables, and starch, ensuring optimal nutrition without compromising on taste or texture. This thoughtful approach to meal preparation ensures that individuals with swallowing difficulties can enjoy a delicious and nourishing dining experience.

To Prepare: Temper, heat and serve according to preparation and handling instructions on the label.

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