Meet Justin, This Month’s Featured Volunteer!

This Featured Volunteer is a big believer in paying it forward and having new experiences. That’s what pushed him to volunteer in the kitchen at Edmonton Meals on Wheels. Wanting to join a fun yet hardworking team, Justin set out to make a difference by preparing and packaging meals for his homebound neighbours. Along with giving back to the community, he enjoys interacting with new people and passing the time by challenging other volunteers with riddles!

“I started volunteering as a kitchen helper in September 2019,” said Justin. “At first, I was in the kitchen 3-4 times a week. Since the pandemic started, I come in twice a week now to spread my visits out. I look forward to being back to my old schedule.”

When asked why he continues to donate his time to Meals on Wheels clients, he says “the people here are nice and there is lots of diversity in what I do. It’s a great way to give back. Outside of home, I don’t usually interact with people besides my family. It’s nice to have a good chat with someone new once and a while.” Outside of volunteering, you can find Justin binging anime series, playing video games online, and finding new word puzzles to test his friends. Can you guess the answer to this one?

In the name they are the same, one man made, and one was laid. You’ll see them both in the sky, but only one can fly.

Thank you, Justin, for all that you do!

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