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Pureed Old Fashioned Beef


Experience the nostalgic flavours of our Pureed Old Fashioned Beef, specially crafted for those with swallowing difficulties. This classic beef entree is expertly pureed to ensure a safe and pleasurable dining experience, while still retaining all the delicious taste and nutrition of traditional home-cooked meals.

Each 250g serving is portion-controlled to provide a balanced meal, with a satisfying blend of meat, vegetables, and starch. Our Old Fashioned Beef is tender and flavourful, offering a taste of comfort and familiarity with every bite.

Accompanying the beef are pureed green beans and homestyle potatoes, perfectly prepared to complement the main dish. These nutritious sides add texture and flavour to the meal, ensuring a well-rounded dining experience that meets your special dietary needs without sacrificing taste or satisfaction.

To Prepare: Temper, heat and serve according to preparation and handling instructions on the label.

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