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Pureed Honey Ham


Introducing our Pureed Honey Ham entrée, meticulously prepared to provide a delicious and safe dining experience for individuals with swallowing difficulties. This savory dish features tender honey ham, expertly pureed to a smooth and manageable consistency, ensuring both safety and satisfaction with every bite. Accompanying the honey ham are pureed yellow beans and homestyle potatoes, creating a well-balanced meal that’s both flavourful and comforting.

Each serving is portion-controlled to deliver a balanced blend of protein, vegetables, and starch, ensuring optimal nutrition without compromising on taste or texture. This thoughtful approach to meal preparation ensures that individuals with swallowing difficulties can enjoy a delicious and nourishing dining experience.

Whether enjoyed for lunch or dinner, our Pureed Honey Ham Entrée offers a delightful option that combines the comforting flavours of honey ham with the freshness of yellow beans and the heartiness of homestyle potatoes. With its carefully selected ingredients and expert preparation, it’s sure to make mealtime a pleasure for all.

To prepare: Temper, heat and serve according to preparation and handling instructions on the label.

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