Do good. Feel Good. One meal at a time.

n March 2020 life changed for everyone. The pandemic seriously affected individuals, businesses and charities.  Businesses closed, people self-isolated, charities scrambled to fill the gaps.   Meals on Wheels was declared an essential service and expanded shifts, meal production and staffing to meet the growing need of some of our most vulnerable citizens.

Socially conscious Edmontonians rose to the occasion helping to fill the gap when most of our volunteers went on immediate leave due to COVID-19.  Meals on Wheels depends on our caring community to support our operations including meal production, packaging and delivery. 

Five months later, Edmonton Meals on Wheels is turning to our community for support once more. Meals on Wheels is “starving for volunteers” as many of our current volunteers are returning to school or work as our economy reopens.  In the fall, we need caring, socially conscious Edmontonians to once again help fill the schedules.  Volunteers remain our essential ingredient as we need at least 100 kitchen volunteers and another 125 volunteers to deliver meals and groceries every week.

Do you have time?  Do you want to help your neighbours and feel good doing so?  Can you work magic in the kitchen or enjoy driving?  Your help will ensure some of Edmonton’s most vulnerable are taken care of. 

Producing, packaging and delivering healthy, home-cooked meals is a complex process and involves many people.  In 2019 1500 volunteers contributed over 60,000 hours helping Meals on Wheels serve homebound, isolated and often immune-compromised Edmontonians.

Volunteering at Meals on Wheels is a mutually beneficial experience.  Clients don’t have to worry about where their next meal is coming from and enjoy the daily interactions with our drivers.  Volunteers experience the big smile and a simple “thank you” that greets them on delivery.  Peeling, chopping and packaging fresh produce or locally made soups and meals satisfy those working in the kitchen.    While you are helping others and making a difference in your community, you’ll also find yourself feeling great too! 

Volunteering can help you feel more socially connected and it satisfies the basic need of contributing to the common good. You will help those who need assistance accessing quality, home-cooked meals – especially now during the pandemic.  Take it from the volunteers themselves! “When I walk in, the team is happy to see me and I’m happy to see them,” says Kitchen Volunteer Jason. “Seeing the appreciation from the people Meals on Wheels supports does a lot of good for me” – says Driver Volunteer Jay, “Volunteering definitely gives me sense of purpose” – states Driver Volunteer Aneesa. Joining our volunteer team is life-enriching and provides purpose in a time when there are so many Edmontonians who need your help.

This is an opportunity to make your community a better place and counteract the effects of stress and anxiety that many of us have been feeling during the pandemic. Helping others can be life-altering.  As an Edmonton Meals on Wheels volunteer, you’ll do good, and feel good one meal at a time.

To apply to volunteer email us at or phone 780-429-2020 now!

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